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TCC Classroom Connect Badge Reader

Classroom Connect
is a turnkey hardware and software solution that enables your organization to save time and money by eliminating manual employee enrollment in e-learning systems, online universities, and instructor-led training.

The system fully integrates with leading enterprise-class LMS, HRIS and workforce management platforms to provide real-time scheduling and tracking of time, attendance and course completion.

TCC Classroom Connect Portal

How It Works

Employees simply swipe their badges as they enter or leave class, and the system instantly captures and tracks relevant employee data that was specified in the solution integration and configuration. This affordable system works wiht most existing badge types, computers, and enterprise platforms.

The Result

Your organization can measurably lower costs and increase efficiencies across your learning enterprise.

  • Eliminate manual entry
  • Increase employee productivity
  • Reduce costs assosiated with LMS administration and management
  • Simplify deployment with our easy 3‑Step Rapid Setup Process

Who Will Benefit?

  • Learning and Development
    Improve learning, outcomes and resulting performance across all roles in your diverse workforce.
  • Human Resources
    Execute fact-based, insightdriven strategies to increase employee engagement and lower turnover.

For additional information or to schedule a free online demonstration, call 317‑638‑0173 or submit through our contact form.