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The Right Solution for Early Childhood Systems Management

TCC Software Solutions provides a comprehensive Early Childhood Integrated Data System (ECIDS) to help you manage your State’s system of early childhood programming and better inform your daily decisions about the children, programs and workforce that you are dedicated to serving.

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Business Challenges

Ineffective data management tools can greatly hinder on-the-job effectiveness. At TCC, we are committed to improving the processes used in early childhood systems and alleviating obstacles that make your job difficult.

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Disparate Systems

Data stored in multiple systems is not easily accessible and leads to ineffective operations.

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Manual Processes

Dealing with paper, inefficient processes, overworked staff, and overstuffed file cabinets leads to many complications.

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Lack of Insight

Without an integrated system, it’s difficult to make well-informed decisions that ensure programs are most beneficial for children and families.

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High Demands

With tight budgets and schedules, workers don’t have time to read technology manuals to get the information they need…and they shouldn’t have to.

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Outdated Technology

Old systems and technology make it difficult to access accurate, real-time information.

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ECIDS Overview

TCC combines 15 years of technology, process, and subject matter expertise to provide a comprehensive Early Childhood Integrated Data System (ECIDS) that fits any need.

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Client Eligibility and Case Management
Provider Payments
Improper Payments Management

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Licensing Management
Mobile Inspection Tool
Workforce Data

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Quality Rating and Improvement System

Rating Calculation and Management
TA Case Management
Grants and Incentives Management

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State Pre-K

Client Eligibility and Case Management
Provider Payments
Improper Payments Management

Our solution consists of technology applications and business processes that are customizable to State programs and policies, robust, and easy to integrate with other systems. At TCC, our mission is to solve your business challenges and ensure all children receive the high-quality education they deserve.

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There are some companies who only provide one component of the system you need. There are also companies that require you to change your policies to conform to their canned application. TCC is different. We partner with you and meet you where you are.

Informed Decisions

Use consolidated data to make informed decisions about what works best for children.

Seamless Integrations

Maintain and track the data you need, integrate easily to other systems, and publish findings for a variety of stakeholders.

Industry Expertise

Trust our industry experts who have designed early childhood systems for 15 years.

Unlimited Growth

Increase policymakers’ ability to leverage additional investments in early childhood programs.

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State Partners

For over 15 years, TCC has been partnering with states to develop and support a variety of early childhood data systems.

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TCC recently signed a contract with the Illinois Department of Children and Family Services to implement our mobile inspection tool, eXpedite™, to perform child care licensing inspections.

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Since 1999, TCC has developed and significantly enhanced a comprehensive early childhood integrated data system for the Indiana Office of Early Childhood and Out of School Learning. Indiana recently awarded TCC with a new contract to develop and support a comprehensive child care background check solution that will meet CCDF Reauthorization requirements.

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The Maryland Department of Education child care licensing staff use our mobile inspection tool, eXpedite™. In addition, we work with Xerox to maintain and enhance the Maryland Department of Education Child Care Administrative Tracking System (CCATS). TCC’s scope of work was recently amended to add development of a parent/provider time and attendance portal which will allow attendance to be recorded through both web and IVR options.

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The Oklahoma Department of Health and Human Services uses our mobile inspection tool, eXpedite™, to perform child care licensing inspections. In addition, TCC developed and maintains the Oklahoma child care licensing management system.

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TCC was recently awarded a contract with the State of Oregon to develop an Early Learning Information System.

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The Washington State Department of Early Learning Services uses our mobile inspection tool to perform child care licensing inspections.