Hiring made simple.

Credentialing you can trust.

TCC’s web-based employee background check and credentialing system streamlines and automates the application and verification process, ensuring all required candidate information is gathered up front, expediting the overall approval process.

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Business Challenges

Organizations face many challenges when costly, manual, paper-based credentialing processes are in place. Separate workflows and spreadsheets for applications, accounting, background checks, credit checks, communications, and tracking can lead to confusion, mistakes, and hiring the wrong candidate.

Disjointed Workflows

Disparate Data

Manual Processes

Missed Information

Delayed Results


Solution Overview

Submitting extensive applications and background checks is not an easy task – for the employer or the prospective employees. TCC utilizes its team of experts in workforce credentialing and business process engineering to help any entity that requires extensive credentialing of prospective employees – whether looking for a software solution or a service.

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State Government Gaming and Lottery Agencies

Consolidate disparate functions into one workflow and implement a software solution that not only manages this workflow but consolidates data that has been stored on multiple spreadsheets.

  • Sends applications electronically
  • Interfaces with existing accounting services
  • Integrates with investigative services
  • Retains all collected information
  • Automates case management workflow
  • Provides applicant qualification checklist
  • Automates applicant approval process
  • Creates customized reports

Why Implement a Workforce Background Check and Credentialing System?

Business process reengineering is the cornerstone of any transformation and allows organizations to remove operational barriers and sharpen its delivery and vision. TCC has been providing these consulting services for nearly 20 years and our customers reap many benefits of streamlined processes and increased productivity.

Hire The Right Person Faster

Speed up the application and approval process by weeks

Integrate Systems

Interface with other systems for simple data synchronization

Cut Down on Cost

Reduce operational costs and manual processes

Maintain Consistency

Ensure every application is treated the same way

Reduce Document Footprint

Cut down on paper use and document retention

Conduct Due Diligence

Take all necessary legal steps when hiring