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TCC Canopy - Improve performance. Accelerate success.

Canopy, TCC's Learning Management System, allows your company to unlock the potential in every employee by engaging them through learning and equipping them with the knowledge and skills to perform optimally on the job.

Canopy Learning Management Features

Canopy easily and efficiently allows you to deploy and track your organization's online training initiatives.

  • Assign Training to User by Audience Rules Based on User Job, Role, Store, Department or Geography
  • Create Equivalency/Transfer Rules to Translate Professional Certifications into Course Completions (or Vice Versa)
  • Restrict Access to Training to Only Specific IP Addresses or Based on Security Roles
  • Build Courses, Programs and Certification Structures
  • Import AICC, SCORM or HP5 eLearning Activities
  • Build Your Own Custom HP5 Activities, Totara/Moodle Quizzes and Observation Activities
  • Manage Instructor-Led Training Events and Resources
Canopy LMS Features image of tooling

Canopy Content Management Features

screen shot of content management screen in Canopy

Canopy helps ensure learning content "fits" your organization's unique employee learning needs and brand identity.

  • Distinct Look and Feel by Subsidiary/Product/Geography
  • Send Site-wide Alerts/Updates and Notify Users and Managers of Key Learning Dates
  • Share Key Job Documents and Files with Specific Teams and Departments (Upgrade to Team/Departmental Wiki Site Now Available!)
  • Augment Traditional Training Assignments with News/Articles and Video Content
  • Collect User Ratings and Feedback on Courses and Other Content
  • Show Live Leaderboard Rankings for User Scores on Games and Scored Quiz Activities
screen shot of third party integration

Third Party Integration Features

Canopy integrates with other key technologies.

  • Integrate with ADFS, PeopleSoft, SAP, Workday and most other HRMS systems to synchronize Canopy users
  • Integrate with Google Analytics to Track Usage and Login Activity
  • Integrate with Credly to Track Completion of Badge Digital Credentials
  • Integrate with PowerBI to Share Organizational Reports on Canopy Audience Dashboard Views
  • Integrate with SQL Reporting Service (SSRS) for Custom Reports
  • Integrate with Vimeo to Share Channel Video Content with Users

Reporting & Analytics Features

Canopy provides reporting that helps trainers to make better, more impactful training for their organization with real, meaningful information that is easily accessible.

  • Report on User Completion of Training in Aggregated, Hierarchical Fashion across multiple topical/categorical dimensions
  • Drill-down from hierarchical report view to view Store/Unit/Department Users and High-Level Training Transcript Details
  • Drill-down from store/unit/department view to User-Level to See Training Transcript Details
  • Augment the powerful Canopy report tools with custom reports, PowerBI reports and GoogleAnalytics reports, as needed! Let us help ensure your meets are fully met
screenshot of Reports and Analytics data in Canopy

Canopy Featured Capabilities:

Learning Outcomes & Impacts

Drive Continuous Improvement

Workforce Performance Data Tracking

Deliver Personalized Learning

Innovative Course Design

Custom eLearning

Manager Controls


Knowledge Exchange

Social Features

Automated Needs-Based Recommendations

Social & Informal Learning