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TCC Performance Consulting

Helping create loyal Franchise / Distributors / Client / Partner Groups through improving their businesses

Strengthening client relationships through consulting services.

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Strengthening Client Relationships through Consulting Services

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Plan Your Future

Organizational and Human Capital Assessments

Strategic Planning and Alignment

Marketing Planning and Product Launch

Executive Team Development

Human Capital Strategy
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Strengthen Your Team

Leadership and Engagement Training

Coaching and Performance Management Training

Recruitement, Onboarding and Learning Systems

Employee Development and Skills-Based Training

Employee Engagement Measurement
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Grow Your Business

Sales and Marketing Management Training

Marketing and Branding Defining Brand Value

Web and Mobile Sales and e-Commerce Solutions

The Buyer Journey Mapping Sales and Negotiation Skills

Customer Satisfaction Measurement
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Service Bundles Customized to Meet Unique Business and Channel Needs

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Plan Your Future

Industry-specific management consulting, training and enabling technology helps businesses create effective strategic, succession and marketing plans.

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Grow Your Business

The next generation of custom sales and product training programs shorten sales cycles and increase profits.

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Strengthen Your Team

Workforce assessments, leadership training, and engagement programs improve productivity and increase retention.

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Capture New Revenue Streams

Earn a 1-3 year ROI and capture shared revenue from custom Halo services delivered to your channel partners.