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TCC Secure Virtual Desktop

TCC’s Secure Virtual Desktop streamlines the compliance process while organizing required supporting documents and prioritizing tasks.

Our Secure Cloud Based Solution saves both time and money!

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Business Challenges

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Cyber Vulnerability

Traditional laptops, desktops and BYOD setups are difficult to protect from cybersecurity threats.

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Requirements such as CMMC and HIPAA require establishing processes and procedures that align with NIST standards (800-171, 800-53) which can be a daunting task to establish and maintain.

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Technical Support

Cyber and help desk support are time consuming and require a high level of expertise.

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Inefficient Process

Traditional decentralized systems are inefficient and hard to maintain.

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Adhering to regulatory requirements typically requires the need to overhaul your IT environment. Requirements include SIEM/SOC services, anti-virus, scheduled backups, firewalls, server/ workstation refresh, Office365 GCC High and disaster recovery.

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Solution Overview

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Secure Virtual Desktop

Citrix-based desktop in HITRUST/FedRAMP-capable cloud environment

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Compliance Document Repository & Workflow

CMMC and NIST 800-171 only

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Cybersecurity & Infrastructure Support Services

Setup, Migration and Support

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  • Locate your desktop users behind a secure boundary that is capable of HITRUST, FedRAMP High, DISA IL5, ISO 27001, and many other regulatory compliance standards.
  • Automatically provides significant steps forward in protecting users against ransomware.


  • Tools to meet regulatory compliance requirements bundled in one package
  • Document and data repository with built-in workflow helps achieve and maintain compliance requirements
  • Inheritance matrix that flows directly to your organization allows for rapid adherence to many NIST requirements


  • Maintain required process, procedures and supporting documents necessary to pass regulatory audits
  • Access your secure desktop from any device. All you need is a browser!
  • Cloud based virtual desktops are easy to setup, maintain and troubleshoot

Cost Savings

  • Secure desktop package includes SIEM/SOC Services, Anti-Virus, Scheduled Backups, Firewalls, Server/Workstation Refresh, Office 365 (no need for GCC High) and Disaster Recovery
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Compliance Document Repository and Workflow Platform


Monthly Rate

CMMC Level 3


NIST 800-171


Secure Virtual Desktop Powered by Citrix

# of Desktops

Monthly Rate

1-4 Desktops


5-9 Desktops


10-24 Desktops


25-99 Desktops


>100 Desktops


Cybersecurity and Infrastructure Support Services

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