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TCC Talent Acquisition

Find the best IT candidates for your company

Having a skilled, experienced professional in a key position is imperative.

We Can Help You Fill Your Talent Needs

For talent acquisition solutions, TCC has deep experience and a thorough understanding in providing quality technical resources to Federal, State and Private clientele. TCC uses a variety of methods of recruitment in efforts to identify the highest quality potential candidates. As a consulting and technology services provider, TCC has a large and mature in house technical staff.

Upon the receipt of a staffing requirement, TCC first reviews our Enterprise Resource Capacity Matrix to check availability of proven consultants with availability for a new project. If no existing consultants meet the requirement or are not available at the time of the requirement, TCC’s recruiters can review files of candidates kept in our applicant tracking system.

At this time, TCC also posts open positions on popular job sites such as and TCC has a premier subscription to that allows the recruiters to set up automated searches for candidates possessing particular skill sets, years of experience, etc. LinkedIn is a valuable tool when looking for candidates having experience working in highly specialized niche environments such as the State and Federal government. TCC recruiters have LinkedIn Premium accounts that allow them to openly network and message potential candidates. In addition to traditional recruiting tools, TCC has made a stratetic investment in procuring an industry leading integrated talent management platform – BirddogHR. TCC also has a lucrative employee referral program that assists in expediting the recruiting process by acquiring potential candidates from our proven internal resources.

Candidate Screening Process

TCC has years of experience managing the implementation of staffing solutions for state and federal governments as well as private sector entities. Before any candidate is sent to the client for review, TCC conducts a rigorous screening process. Potential candidate resumes are reviewed by a Senior Technical Recruiter. Examples of the characteristics of a resume considered for a potential resource include:

  • Documented evidence of relevant Business Unit knowledge
  • Experience in working on client environment and client specific projects
  • Past job assignments/responsibilities which indicate a skill-set applicable to working on similar projects
  • Appropriate education and training along with indications of on-going professional development
  • Employment history and Reference checking supporting the expectation of stability and work ethic

Candidates with resumes that meet the necessary requirements are then moved along the TCC Recruitment Process as depicted below:

TCC IT Staffing Process: Phone interview by recruitment specialist, skills assessment administered, account manager reviews skills assessment, passing candidates forwarded to client, client interviews and determines fit for organization

Once the client accepts a resource to join the project, TCC works with the client to define a preferred start date. Start dates are determined based on the availability of the individual as well as the timeframe to complete necessary background investigations per the contract. TCC uses HireRight or a service provider that the client chooses for background investigations and drug screening. HireRight utilizes both public and private databases and records to provide background results on applicants. TCC is able to provide various levels of background and drug screening through HireRight to meet client requirements.